Our Operators

Before any operator attends a customer's site, they are required to meet strict selection criteria and attend our comprehensive induction process. We assess their skill and experience and ensure they have the appropriate insurance, competencies and risk assessment to fully comply with our OH&S requirements.

We maintain up to date information on all operators which can be provided to our clients at a moment's notice.

All operators are Pty Ltd companies and are required to hold their own work cover policies.

Our rigorous selection criteria ensure only the best operators in the industry are sent to your site.



We carefully select the operator for your project based on their previous experience to ensure that you are getting the highest degree of expertise available at any given time. We have found this approach to be very successful and clients routinely request the same operator for their next project. Of course we accommodate this whenever possible.

Qualified Registrations

The operator must be registered with the appropriate industry regulating bodies and must have the appropriate insurance to ensure a smooth transition onto the site and an efficient result every time. For each project we ensure beforehand that any operators being considered for that site has the appropriate registrations and Hazard Risk Assessments to avoid delays on the day.

Skill Set

All operators must meet our standards in training for the particular machinery they operate as well as for the demands of any particular project for which they are being considered. Each operator is assessed individually against the requirements of each new project.