Professional Civil Construction Plant Equipment Hire, Tip Truck, Dump Truck, Heavy Equipment Operator Hire.

Construction Project Management in Melbourne with services available between - Melton, Doncaster, Pakenham, Cranbourne, Melbourne and Regional Victoria

  • Melbourne , Doncaster, Melton, Pakenham, Cranbourne, and Regional Victoria.

Southern Plant Hire specialise in Bobcat and mini digger earthmoving equipment hire for bulk earthworks, Tip and Dump truck hire and heavy construction machinery. Our services extend to construction plant and Earthmoving equipment hire for both civil engineering works and commercial construction projects of any size and complexity.

Southern Plant Hire are the experienced professional heavy plant equipment hire company with experienced bobcat and mini digger operator hire that you want on your team for 2019. From site cut projects right through to asphalt paving, Southern Plant Hire offer a wide range of earthworks and construction expertise. Speak with our expert staff today who can supply you with safe, qualified, reliable and professional contract operators of heavy plant equipment and machinery.

Southern Plant Hire have been supplying Tip and Dump truck hire, Heavy Equipment, Bobcat and mini digger contractors, Qualified Engineers and Operator Management to plant and construction companies of all sizes for over 50 years. From small Construction Companies right up to Australia's largest Industrial Civil Engineering companies, our services are utilised across Melbourne and Regional Victoria including Melton, Doncaster, Pakenham and Cranbourne.

Civil Construction Project Plant Equipment Hire in 2019 and 2020

Construction Plant and Earthmoving Equipment hire is what we do. Our all round earthmoving and construction services are the mainstay of our business. We take your business very seriously and ensure the right equipment and operators are assigned to the right project. We maintain an extensive collection of modern, heavy equipment and machinery that can be hired to independent, fully qualified contractors and operators of proven reliability.

Your civil construction project will likely need to call on the services of all of the following:

We can supply your earthmoving plant operation or civil construction project with any or all of the following essential equipment you will require to complete the task - on time and on budget:

Excavator hire for all size earthworks in Melbourne
Excavators, Bobcat Diggers, Mini Diggers, Skid Steers and Loaders are essential machinery for clearing any project site prior to construction. Site cuts, trenching, footings, and loading soil, earth and rock on to trucks for landfill requires coordinated scheduling and the very best equipment. Our heavy earth moving equipment such as Excavators also include our extensive range of Backhoe hire, Bobcat and Mini Diggers, Skid steer, Posi Track hire and Loader Hire.
Truck hire, Tip Trucks, Dump Trucks and Loader
Once the Excavators, Bobcats, Diggers and Skid Steers go to work on your construction site, you are going to need trucks, dump trucks, tip trucks, loaders and a landfill site to safely remove all the debris. Truck hire from Southern Plant Hire can efficiently either remove existing flora, rubble and earth or import suitable landfill soil to be brought in to fill large areas and make the site suitably level for construction work or building to commence. Speak to us today for your 2019 and 2020 heavy equipment hire needs.
Grader and Scraper hire
Graders and Scrapers are used to level the working surface of the construction site once it is free from excess earth, rocks, rubble and native plants. Graders and Scrapers utilise underneath blades to scrape and prepare the soil and surface earth prior to any construction commencing.
Backhoe and Bulldozer hire
Bulldozers are often needed to efficiently push large-scale amounts of soil or rubble to clear out space, depending on the type of earth moving operation you have in mind we can offer any heavy machinery to scale including Bulldozer hire, Posi-track hire and Traxcavator hire.

Specialty Equipment and tools for Excavators, Backhoes and Bobcat Digger Attachments.

At Southern Plant Hire, we offer a wide range of equipment to assist in our bulk cartage and civil construction services. Our heavy equipment hire and bulk excavation hire services allow virtually anyone to complete their earthmoving job in a timely fashion.

Site preparation is often required for projects like roadway excavation, channel excavation, drainage or structure excavation, and pavement or footing excavation. For the best site preparation and excavation hire in Melbourne, contact Southern Plant Hire today. Backhoes and Bobcat Diggers are excellent tools for this kind of site preparation.

Southern Plant Hire can also supply a wide range of Combos, which can be supplied with a Tip Truck and/or excavator as a combination and specialty equipment such as Crane Trucks, Lifting Lugs, Chain & Grabs, Compactor Plate/Wheel, Rollers (Pad foot and Smooth), Slashers, Road Sweepers and Screeners.

We also supply many of our Excavators, Backhoe, Mini Diggers, Bobcat Diggers and Skid Steers with the attachments that prove so useful for getting the done job right, including ...

  • Smudge Bar: Used for levelling and spreading material
  • Auger: Used for boring vertical holes in earth. Call us for Advice on what dimensions are available
  • Broom: Used for cleaning up dirt and loose debris from sealed surfaces
  • Forks: For lifting and moving palletised loads
  • Pneumatic Drill attachments
  • Rippers for tearing down existing structures.

So please let our consultants know what you need and we will see you right for getting the work done properly, on budget and on time.

Southern Plant Hire can cover all your Civil Construction and Building Site Requirements in Melbourne – From the Ground Up.

Excavation, Bulk Earthworks, Civil Engineering and Construction projects

We offer an array of tip and dump trucks for bulk haulage and contract cartage, excavators for truck loading, and other heavy equipment for these jobs, including:

  • Bobcat Diggers, Mini Diggers, Skid Steer or Backhoes for dump and tip truck loading
  • Tip trucks, Dump Trucks and Tippers
  • Semi tippers
  • Tandem trucks with Truck and trailer combinations
  • Water carts

All of which we can offer as a combination package of Loaders and Trucks to fill your requirements, so talk to our professional operators and we can advise you on how best to move that mountain and get your construction project underway.

Southern Plant Hire also provide construction project management and equipment hires for all bulk earthworks projects. Southern Plant Hire maintain numerous tip truck and Dump trucks for bulk haulage - bringing in or removing excess dirt or waste material. Our soil and earth removal services, contract cartage and bulk haulage trucks are equipped to take any waste material from the job site to a registered specialised landfill with ease.We offer services in land clearing, re-contouring, and cut-to-fill operations.

Our excavation hire operations in Melbourne are extensive, and our tip trucks, dump trucks and loaders can offer a range of bulk haulage of fill material for civil construction projects, including sand, soil, and other quarry products from quality landfill sites. Whether it’s moving soil and earth on site or moving earth and debris off site, our goal is to ensure that your bulk earthworks project is completed with quality, care, and excellent time management.

Civil Construction Plant Project Management

One of our most valued services is construction plant project management for all civil construction projects. For starters, our staff and crew all have years of on-the-job experience that they bring to every new construction project. Our managers have seen everything that the civil engineering and construction profession can throw at them, and taking care of any issue your civil construction project delivers is their priority. We take on construction projects that range from smaller parks and gardens to massive industrial complexes. Southern Plant Hire and our managers are experts when it comes to:

  • Site preparation
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Heavy haulage
  • Site works
  • Contract cartage
  • Responsible waste material disposal

We approach civil construction in Melbourne and regional Victoria, including Melton Doncaster, Pakenham and Cranbourne with reliability and quality at the forefront of our minds. Southern Plant Hire’s quality assurance system is certified by and complies with the AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.

Our Heavy Machine and Bulk Earthwork Equipment Operators are throughly screened.

We employ rigorous selection criteria so that you know your job is in safe and skilled hands. Each of our operators is selected only if they comply with our stringent occupational health and safety requirements. You can rest assured that our operators will perform the required task with safety and expertise.

Our heavy machinery operators are skilled professionals who can help your job move smoothly and efficiently. Each heavy machinery operator is thoroughly vetted by our experienced project managers to ensure that we only employ the best of the best. Our managers make sure that each heavy machinery operator has the right insurance and competencies. It is of the utmost importance that our operators for hire pass various risk assessments to ensure that they will be a valued member of the Southern Plant Hire team.

Southern Plant Hire help you to fully realise your earthmoving and construction goals with all the necessary equipment to help you on-site.