Tandem tip trucks for hire

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Tandem truck hire are often required on construction sites, particularly for large, extensive civil projects.

Unlike other forms of tipper, tandem tip trucks feature a double axle to the rear, making three in total.

The tip trailer itself is designed for easy, safe, and effortless emptying without handling, which makes it one of the most popular types of truck hire for any projects involving heavy or challenging waste transportation and removal.

Tandem Tip Truck Hire for contract cartage and haulage in Melbourne

The unique configuration of the tandem tip truck works to increase the truck’s load bearing capacity, while also improving the vehicle’s performance on uneven terrain. This makes Tandem tip trucks more stable on uneven constructions sites by spreading the weight of the load across a wider base. That’s why tandem truck hire is often needed on construction sites, and for large, extensive civil projects.

Tandem tip trucks on construction sites

Although there are lots of different uses for tandem tip trucks in Melbourne, these configurations are most commonly used for onsite material cartage, landfill cartage, or for construction site waste disposal. They are often also used for clean structural fill, due to the quick and easy tipper-style emptying of materials such as sand and gravel. Large loads aren’t a problem for tandem tipper trucks, so bulk haulage is also one of the main reasons for tip truck hire. Versatile, and easy to steer thanks to the double rear axle, tandem tip trucks are ideal for construction sites with limited or tight access.

What makes tandem tip trucks suitable for construction sites?

In a nutshell, tandem tipper trucks offer greater capacity, more stability, and ultimately a much smoother ride for our skilled operators when they’re out in the field. Our tandem tippers offer a 12 to 14 tonne capacity, with a 3600mm height x 2900mm width measurement, making them spacious and able to handle heavy and bulky loads. But despite their size, their 16 to 18m turning circle makes them easy for our operators to manoeuvre, even in tight areas. At Southern Plant Hire, we can arrange for an EPA licence with any tandem tip truck hire in Melbourne, making it easy for you to meet environmental criteria.

What aspects make tandem tip truck hire a better option than some other forms of tipper hire? One is that our configurations are designed to be used alongside skid steers and excavators, if the job calls for it. For large construction works and major government contracts involving the loading, transporting, and placing of materials, the ability to use skid steers and excavators with the truck can be very beneficial.

Tandem tip truck hire in Melbourne

At Southern Plant Hire, we offer tandem tipper hire with a difference. Leaders in all aspects of dump and tip truck hire in Melbourne, we are committed to providing the best equipment, and the most experienced operators, for the best price. Having worked in the construction and civil engineering plant equipment industry for more than 50 years, SPH prioritises driver integrity, occupational health and safety, and quality, to deliver top results and optimal outcomes on site. We are committed to working only with the most skilled operators, and supplying the highest quality trucks for complete satisfaction.