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Water cart truck hire in Melbourne for Quarry site dust control

Water truck hire is the ideal solution to both water haulage and on-site dust challenges.

Water cart hire is a form of truck hire offered by us at SPH in Melbourne, providing you with specialised water carrying vehicles that can be used across a number of construction environments.

Water Cart truck hire for dust control for on-site dust management

Water trucks are road trucks fitted with water carts. They're available in both single and tandem axle configurations, depending on capacity requirements. They feature mounted tanks and integrated spray nozzles within the body of the vehicle, which allow the truck to spray water, store water, or deliver it to wherever it’s needed.

Digging on Water carts for Construction and Quarry Sites

Water carts are used in a wide variety of roles in construction settings. The primary purpose of water cart hire in Melbourne is water cartage, with the trucks able to store and transport large quantities of water. They are one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to move water both onto and around the site, and can store water required for a variety of construction activities. However, there is more to water carts than meets the eye! The spray nozzles on these versatile vehicles can be used for irrigation, and for cleaning and dust suppression to help boost health and safety across construction zones.

What makes water carts suitable for construction sites?

At Southern Plant Hire, we offer 5000+ litre and 10,000+ litre water cart hire in Melbourne. These high capacities allow for the carts to be used for a range of purposes. In terms of cartage, this means that water can be transported to areas with limited or restricted water supply. The integrated spray nozzles are also very useful in construction settings, helping to maintain better air quality, minimising pollution, and making the site a healthier (and happier!) place to work. For projects undertaken in line with environmental policies, water carts can help manage dust to ensure EPA guidelines are being met.

While 5000 litre and 10,000 litre road mounted water carts aren’t the largest options you’ll ever find, here at SPH we believe that these trucks are better at meeting the requirements of our clients. That’s because they are much more versatile than their bigger counterparts. They can be used in many aspects of road construction for government contracts, including compacting soil on new, unsealed roads.

Water cart hire in Melbourne

With more than 50 years experience in the business, the Southern Plant Hire team understands everything there is to know about water cart hire, including usage, best practice, and maintenance. We’re dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of equipment, ensuring that we provide our clients with only the very best. Our own quality management system is designed to meet AS/NZS ISO 9001 standards, and we partner with the most experienced operators with the skills, knowledge, and insurance needed to safely work on-site. But don’t just take our word for it… see for yourself!

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