Need Clean Fill?

Southern Plant Hire can unlock value in your property. Past works include;

·         Landscaping works.

·         Filling

·         Levelling and compacting, in preparation for residential and commercial construction

·         Remedial works

·         Golf course construction/alteration

·         Land rehabilitation

·         Site decontamination

Southern Plant Hire can supply the material and the expertise to ensure the whole process is managed to your complete satisfaction. In some cases we have been able to accomplish this entirely without cost to the land owner.

If you require Clean Fill, Southern Plant Hire can secure material from its many sites across Melbourne and regional areas. All you need to do is call us on 03 9769 0022, or click here to submit your enquiry.

What is clean fill?

Dry earth that is completely free of industrial waste and has negligible amounts of organic waste. This means predominantly the sub surface material excluding organic matter and grasses.

A table of maximum allowable concentrations of permissible contaminants and other useful information can found in the EPA’sIndustrial Waste Resource Guidelines

Clean fill should not be confused with structural or engineering fill which may contain recycled brick, concrete, asphalt etc.