Southern Plant Hire are landfill and soil removal specialists with Tip Truck, Bobcat and mini digger combos.

Tipper Truck - Bobcat or Mini Digger combos delivered directly to your Construction Project site anywhere in Melbourne between - Melton, Doncaster, Pakenham, Cranbourne, Melbourne and Regional Victoria

  • Melbourne , Doncaster, Melton, Pakenham, Cranbourne, and Regional Victoria.

Landfill and Soil removal now require specialist know-how according to guidelines published by the EPA to control toxicity and rehabilitate soil and landfill deposits.

Southern Plant Hire are earthmoving specialists and offer contract cartage, structural Landfill delivered to your construction site from a wide selection of quality landfill sites.

No matter what waste material you have on your construction site that needs to be cleared - we can move it for you - with our highly competitive contract cartage rates on Tip Truck Bobcat and Mini Digger and Excavator combos. We can coordinate the delivery of Tipper Truck and Bobcat Digger combos to your site and manage all your site clearance and soil removal requirements or import clean structural fill.

Expert site assessments and competitive rates on all contract cartage to registered landfill sites. No matter what waste material you have on your construction site - we can move it for you - competitive contract cartage rates on Tip Truck Bobcat and Mini Digger and Excavator combos.

Landfill categories as defined by the EPA.

Landfill waste is defined by the EPA and generally based on type of material of which it is composed. Some waste for landfill is toxic or inflammable and therefore licenses must be obtained in order to transport via Dump or Tip truck to registered landfill sites.

The first category of landfill materials consists of natural materials like native flora recovered from a site consisting of native bush land. It is composed of soil (being clay, silt and/or sand), gravel and rock of naturally occurring materials. This type of fill is suitable for Clean landfill.

The second type of fill material consists of solid inert waste and is is likely to have little to no negative impact on the environment.

Most waste materials we encounter from demolition, building and construction or development sites are suitable for landfill and can be transported once a site has been assessed and suitable licenses are obtained. Landfill and soil transportation is a serious business and we recommend that you have the site of your proposed building, construction or development project correctly assessed before commencing activity.

Soil removal or importing of Clean landfill for Development and Construction projects.

Ideally, clean landfill is composed largely of neutral minerals such as sand, soil, metals and clay. This form of clean landfill is usually acquired from registered clean landfill sites and imported to a construction site where leveling is required.

Once the Dump trucks or Tip trucks arrive at the construction site and deposit their loads, the clean landfill is smoothed and leveled utilising Diggers and excavators to evenly spread the soil, sand and clay materials over the construction site. Rollers and Graders can then go to work to compact the material whereupon it is left for a period to settle.

Southern Plant Hire have access to competent digger, excavator, roller and grader operators and equipment and can supply both to your construction site.

Contract Cartage of natural debris from Clearing of Land Development and Construction project sites.

Some land development project sites on the outlying areas of an urban landscape or in regional areas consist of native bush land. A high presence of native flora, wood and natural debris will need to be cleared using excavators, mini excavators, bobcats and mini diggers to clear the land around the project site.

This will then need to be collected into Dump trucks and tip trucks using Backhoes, excavators and bobcats and carted away to registered landfill or recycling sites. The ground will then have to be leveled and any waste earth materials such as sand, soil, rock and clay will need to be transported to specified clean landfill sites.

Southern Plant Hire have very competitive rates on multiple combinations of earthmoving equipment and operators - so give us a call on (03) 9988 4606 - for expert construction project management and site assessment.

Contract cartage for industrial waste from Construction and demolition sites.

Industrial waste from a site that has been previously used by Industry or commerce needs to be competently assessed with regard to any chemicals which may be present in the waste material. Industrial waste comes in five varieties based on composition of the waste to be landfilled and depending on the toxicity and volatility of the waste in question, governs how the EPA determines how it should be handled appropriately.

In view of EPA guidelines it is important to understand the purpose of the previous land use before any demolition and clearing can occur in order to prevent injury to the health of construction workers and subsequent occupiers of a given site. The presence of Asbestos, Toxic, inflammable or explosive chemical compounds will contaminate soil and landfill deposits potentially leaching into ground water making for highly unsuitable landfill material. Waste of this nature must be handled with care and expertise when transporting and dumping to registered landfill sites.

Southern Plant Hire can manage all your import or exporting of soil for landfill - for expert landfill management call professionals with competitive rates on all contract cartage for soil removal and landfill requirements.