Coronavirus (COVID-19) Communication

Southern Plant Hire is preparing for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and taking steps to minimize the impact to our clients wherever possible.
As we prepare and respond, our overriding priority will be for our staff, customers and our sub-contractors.
In response to this unprecedented global emergency:
•    we have established a working committee which meets weekly to adjust our arrangements as needed.
•    we are also moving for all office based non-critical teams to work from home.
•    require all employees to self-isolate for a minimum 14 days in the event of infection.
•    communicate to all staff and sub-contractors on ways they can reduce the risk of contracting Coronavirus (COVID-19)
•    develop and implement isolation protocol for staff.
•    Clients and operators are requested where possible to avoid visiting our office. Dockets can be placed in the drop    box at the front door.
We know many of our clients and operators are reviewing and implementing their own business resilience and continuity plans. Please be assured Southern Plant Hire is well positioned to deliver our services in an efficient and timely manner even under the most adverse conditions. Our phone and technology systems are well prepared, but please be patient with us should you experience any unusual delays during this time.

 We remain focused on servicing our clients in a safe and timely manner. We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep our stakeholders informed of any material adjustments we make that may affect the way we conduct business with you.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss our preparedness please contact our office on (03) 9092 2400