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Southern Plant Hire are "Tipper for hire", tippers, tip and dump truck hire specialists. With access to any combination of Tippers, Tip Trucks, Dump Trucks and Tandem truck and trailer, Southern Plant Hire cater for all your earthwork and site clearing requirements. We can supply Excavators, Backhoes, Bobcat diggers and Skid Steers for all your tip truck loading requirements.

Southern Plant Hire offer tandem, tip truck and trailer hire, tippers, tip trucks and dump trucks for transportation and safe dumping of any material that needs to be removed and disposed of responsibly. We offer a wide variety of truck loading options before, during, and after the process of haulage or cartage. One of our key service areas is professional industrial cartage of unsafe waste and earthwork debris to reliable and trusted landfill sites. Contact Peter Emmet today for your next project in Melbourne.

Tip Trucks, Tippers for Hire, Tandem truck combinations and Dump trucks for Transportation, Contract Cartage and Bulk Haulage of Industrial Waste material, Bulk Soil and Earthwork transportation for removal to landfill.

Southern Plant Hire - Our options for earthworks and excavation hire in Melbourne are extensive. Our tippers, tip truck, dump trucks and truck loading options offer haulage for a range of fill materials such as sand, soil, and other quarry products, either to or from a civil construction site. Our goal is to ensure that your construction project is completed with quality, care, and excellent time management. We offer an array of tip and dump trucks for bulk haulage, excavators and bobcats for truck loading, loaders. We Hire :

Southern Plant Hire have access to quality landfill sites and quarries so whatever your bulk earthmoving requirements may be we can supervise and oversee the cartage of large volumes of soil and earth professionally and to your sites Civil Construction specifications.

At Southern Plant Hire we can take care of all your large scale cartage requirements whether you require quality landfill soil and earth for building and site preparation or whether you need natural debris, soil and earth removed and dumped in landfill areas.

Soil and Earthmoving for Construction Site Preparation, Site Cuts and Levelling

Whether you need construction site debris and earth removed or good clean landfill brought in to your construction site, we can provide you with Tip and Dump Trucks as well as Truck loaders that fit your needs. With a wide selection of Truck loaders, from Excavators and Backhoes to Bobcat Diggers, Mini Diggers and Skid Steers, we will see that your dirt is shipped on or off site talk to our consultants who have the experience to advise you on how best to meet your construction site soil and earthmoving requirements, we offer the best service that will see you right from start to finish.

Construction site levelling, Tip trucks for the removal of site waste.

When excavation is completed (regardless of the condition of the soil), we can then place the landfill material to improve and level the site for future construction. Landfill is typically required as a method of levelling the project site for construction and Southern Plant Hire maintains access to wide variety of quarries, meaning that we often use a wide variety of source material for our landfill mixtures. Of course, our cartage services are also used for landfill and any subsequent soil removal.

All excess soil, flora, rock, or hazardous waste material can be transported with ease, out of the project site to approved dumps and landfills. Most of this waste disposal will be loaded from our selection of excavation heavy equipment and carried out via Dump truck or Tipper Truck. For bulk material we can supply a combination of Truck and Trailer or Tandem Truck, so, when it comes to truck hire for your earthmoving project site, you can’t beat Southern Plant Hire, particularly with regards to professional cartage services.

Typically, when clearing and preparing a site for construction we remove and haul out ...

  • Crushed rock
  • Builder’s waste or rubbish
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Asphalt
  • Green waste
  • Rubble
  • EPA contaminated fill
  • Typically we haul in to a project site - Clean fill and mixed landfill materials

Southern Plant Hire can undoubtedly provide your job site with the professionalism and expertise that is needed to see any project through.

Contact the team at Southern Plant Hire today to discuss your project needs.